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What size AR-15 will fit in the case?

Standard Double Case
A standard 16’’ barrel with a collapsible stock will fit in the standard Double Case. Longer barrels will require the upper and lower receiver to be taken down and the lower placed in the smaller lower receiver slot (Maximum Overall Length of 32.5″).

Long Double Case
Maximum Overall Length of 36.5″

How many pistols and what size will fit?

There are 2 pistol slots which will hold most 1911 style guns and semi compacts (GLOCK, HK USP ETC). There are 4 slots for extra magazines to be carried.

Can the case be locked?

There are 4 locations for locks on the case and we always recommend that you secure your weapons for your safety and for the safety of those around you. Locks can be purchased at just about any hardware store, we recommend a quality 26-28mm lock.

What makes your case better than others?

Our cases are geared toward the budget minded consumer. At Tactical To Go, we want to provide you a very good case at an affordable price and by no means claim to be “better” than other cases on the market. We pride ourselves on the use of a high-quality custom cut MIL-SPEC high-density foam to safely secure your weapons and enclose this in a high-density plastic lockable case. The Long Double Case is a SKB case with a lifetime warranty. Easy transport: the case has recessed wheels along with a carry handle to allow the case to be rolled if desired. Most scopes ie Eotech and Aimpoint fit in the case without having to remove the scope from the rifle.

What size ammo can will fit in the case?

A Plano Molding 1312 Field Ammo Box with outside dimensions of 11.625″ x 5.125″ x 7.125″ will fit in the space provided. One ammo can is included with your purchase of a Single or Double Case. No ammo can is provided with the Long Double Case.

Is your case airline approved?

You will need to check with your airline carrier regarding transporting weapons and approved TSA locks.

Is the case waterproof?

The case is water-resistant, when closed and latched, and will hold up to a fair amount of rain, dirt, grime and incidental splashing… but is not submersible.

Why does one model have an open space and no ammo can?

The Single Case was designed with a larger open space to carry holsters, battle belts, vests, and other larger items, but you can certainly place an ammo can in that location. A Plano Molding 1312 Field Ammo Box is shipped with both the Single and Double Cases. No ammo can is provided with the Long Double Case.

How many AR-15 magazines can I carry?

There are 8 magazine slots designed for 30 round mags.

What is the weight capacity of the case?

The case has a rated capacity of 200 pounds. Use common sense while lifting and transporting a fully loaded case as an AR-15, two pistols, several fully loaded magazines and a full ammo can get heavy.

Do you give any warranty on your product?

If the case is defective we will provide you a replacement case, you just pay shipping, free of charge for a period of 1 Year after purchase. However, we’ll be happy to sell you another case if Uncle Jimmy throws it down a flight of stairs or lets it fall out of his truck while driving down the highway. The Long Double Case has a Lifetime warranty.

What happens if I order the case and don’t like it?

You can return the case, in like-new condition, within 14 days but you will be responsible for the return shipping charges.

What are the outside case dimensions?

The exterior measurements of the Double and Single case are 37.75″x14″x18.2″ (WxHxD).

The exterior dimensions of the Long Double Case are 45.10″x12.97″x16.03″ (WxHxD).

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